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We appreciate your support and commitment to housing homeless youth.
As a token of our appreciation, music artists from around the country have donated their songs in support of the CHAMP Nation Movement to House Homeless Youth in Healing Homes. 


Our Exclusive Members Events, performing live will be many of these artists. Event date to be anounced soon. Until then, enjoy this FREE Album Download of a compilation of songs that you will only find together here called the CHAMP Nation Vol.1: SoulGroovers,


Stay tuned for other bonuses throughout this campaign.


Michael Murani Presents Meditative Funk " Spirits " featuring Kebbi Williams.

Featured Artists:

Michael Murani Johnson

Atlanta, GA

There is a new sound emerging on the scene and its called Meditative FunkMichael Murani Johnson fuses funk with the music from his world. He has traveled the world over 15 ears producing, writing and performing with an array of artists of soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, and tribal dance music. His has written and produced for “UK Queen of Soul” Julie Dexter, Santessa, and Latin songtress Malena Perez. His style has culminated into “Spirits” where Meditative Funk is not only music but an visual experience.  

Armchair Generals

Long Beach, CA

A Dynamic Trio music production team that is influenced by many sounds and genres: R&B, Hip-Hop, Deep House, Funk and Rock. Featuring an array of producers, vocalists, emcees and musicians, their sound is rich and soulful. The meaning of Armchair General is one who sits in a chair behind a computer and leads people on a musical journey.

Julie Dexter

Birmingham, England

“…Listening to Julie is like falling in love…”, a world renowned, award winning, British vocalist considered by many to be one of the most influential female vocalists of our generation. Having shared the spotlight with a host of cutting-edge artists, including but not limited to Omar, Mint Condition, Jill Scott, Ledisi, and Eric Roberson, to name a few, Julie olds up her own, has been praised and respected by these world class artists. Born and raised in Birmingham, England, this classically trained artist composes and arranges her own music. Julie takes classic soul to the heart of Artistry. 

Sista Niesh

Los Angeles, CA

Conscientiously infusing her lyrics with meaning and purpose, from the age of nine Sista Neish dreamed of becoming a Pop/Hip Hop Artist of substance. The traumas of a very challenging childhood would serve to inform the depth and richness of her work. Dispite her many setbacks she remained undeterred, accepting those hardships simply as “detours along the way.” The time has come for Sista Neish to take it “BACK 2 MY FUTURE!” 

Libra Rising

Los Angeles, CA

Libra Rising - reflects her sign (Libra) as she Rises to her Destiny. Her birth name Mirinus Bey, who is a soulful songwriter, vocalist, musician and performer. Extremely influenced by Michael Jackson fused with inflections of Denise Williams and Debarge, she wants to bring back the SOUL in music with songs having timeless melodies and moods. Libra Rising is currently working on a solo project with Rob set for release 2015.

Karrie Benoit

Los Angeles, CA

Karrie Benoit is a singer songwriter, vocal producer, touring background singer for Smokey Robinson, and vocal contributor to the 2014 season of American Idol. She has written and co-produced the single “Internetual” with Rob ‘Gihana’ Grissett for an upcoming movie featuring Barry Gordy’s niece Jadagrace. As a musical and spiritual leader of the Church of Christ, she wrote and recorded “Presence of a New Day” that, regardless of your affiliate faith, will take you to an inward worship of Grace and Appreciation for what God brings us through and to a New Day. Karrie is currently working on a solo project with Rob set for release 2015.

Rob 'Gihana' Grissett

Los Angeles, CA

Producer extraordinaire Rob Gi'hana, known for his works associated with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group. Rob has donated is time and talents as the Music Supervisor for CHAMP Nation Vol. 1: SoulGroovers because he feels the movement is critical to helping our youth thrive. We are honored to have such an accomplished musical maven who has toured 5 years with Morris Day & The Time, backed up a myriad of notable live performances like Janet Jackson, Prince, and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Rob serves as the Music Director for our live CHAMP Nation Exclusive Membership Event bringing together great musicianship locally and from around the country. We are pleased to have Rob ‘Gihana’ Grissett on the CHAMP Nation Team!

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CHAMP Nation Vol.1: SoulGroovers
FREE Album Download Here!

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