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Community Involvement

Overall Goal for Year One




We are developing our pilot program with Antelope Valley (SPA 1),
and South Los Angeles (SPA 6) two communities that are under
resourced with supportive housing soulutions for homeless youth. 
As key community stakeholers, we work with collaboratives 
developing community based strategic plans for ending youth
homelessness. Below are some of the things we have contributed
to our communities and the training we received to be effective at
implementing the strategic plan for real world application:


  • July - September 2014 - Participant iin developing the "Homeless No More" Strategic Plan for South Los Angeles Homeless TAY & Foster Care Collaborative, chaired the Investments and Resource workgroup 


  • July 2014 - Represented our target communities at the 2014 National Conference to End Homelessness in Washington, DC 


  • July 2013 - Lead organization of AV Alliance to End Homelessness, organizing community stakeholders and volunteers conducting 100K Homes Campaign Registry Week for Antelope Valley (SPA 1). Recongized by Assemblyman Steve Fox for Outstanding Service to the Community (August 2013)


  • 2012 - Present - Complete and On-going Technical Training by United Way of Greater Los Angeles, LAHSA, Corporation for Suppotive Housing, and Community Solutions: Volunteering in LAHSA PIT Count, Youth CES, and Organizational Development


Pilot Roll-Out Plan Year One 2015-2016: 


  • Collaborative Building: Developing a collaborative in Antelope Valley around ending youth homelessness. Continue our work with South Los Angeles TAY & Foster Care Collaborative to implement "Homeless No More" Community Plan.


  • Aligning Housing Resource Solutions: scattered sites in the interim to working with developer to initiate pre-development of single site multi-use integrated population supportive housing project in targeted community regions. Stay tuned for more information on our housing site development.


  • Outreach and Civic Engagement: galvanizing a community around awareness and advocating for housing homeless youth, identifying the youth in the community who urgently need housing, engaging the community through culturally relevant, Edutainment (engagement through entertainment and educate), and social events, 


  • Volunteer Supportive Services: engaging community and youth volunteers to help bring awarness to the community, implement participatory research campaign to identify the needs of the at risk youth in our community, membership and fundraisng event support, 


  • Video/Photo Documentary: during creative participatory research campaign and inititiating pilot housing progam with will capture our progress through video and photo media documentation. We will follow all phases of planning, implementation, client placment that will be shown during culminating event (Year end 2015).

 Housing 15 Homeless 
 Youth in 2015

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